Thinking about a better UI (volume of discussion)

Peter Crowther Peter.Crowther at
Thu May 20 07:31:11 UTC 1999

> The reality is that in this format, message volume is going
> to surge from time to time.  And, there just isn't a good solution to that
> problem at the moment.  What would be nice is a server side solution where
> one could tune out certain threads.  Or, only get the first message in a
> thread and ignore follow ups unless the user declares an interest in the
> thread.

It's called a _newsgroup_, preferably on a dedicated news server, and there
was no interest at all last time I broached the subject [in fact, several
people mailed to tell me they actively *didn't* want a news server].

I repeat my offer: if anyone wants 'news' access to this group, where it is
possible [depending on your newsreader] to kill threads and therefore not
see followups, please mail me directly.  If there's enough interest, I'll
set up a private newsgroup with access passwords to try to prevent general
spam on the list.

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