Thinking about a better UI (volume of discussion)

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Thu May 20 13:40:04 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Crowther <Peter.Crowther at> writes:

Peter> I repeat my offer: if anyone wants 'news' access to this group,
Peter> where it is possible [depending on your newsreader] to kill
Peter> threads and therefore not see followups, please mail me
Peter> directly.  If there's enough interest, I'll set up a private
Peter> newsgroup with access passwords to try to prevent general spam
Peter> on the list.

Or, you can upgrade to GNUS, the mail/news-reader inside GNU Emacs,
which reads mailing lists as if they were news under a unified model.
Scorefiles... threads... etc etc.  Very nice.

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