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Jeffrey J Hallman jeffrey.j.hallman at
Thu May 20 15:28:04 UTC 1999

Unfortunately, some of us don't have that option.  My organization just switched
us all over to Lotus Notes for email, which means that Notes is the ONLY way I
can read my email.  (Yes, I protested, and No, it didn't make any difference.)
I can still use Emacs and GNUS to read Usenet newsgroups, so I would love to see
a newsgroup that mirrored the content of the mailing list, allowing me to
unsubscribe from it.  Using Notes has really slowed me down at reading email, as
it has to go out to a server for each and every piece of mail.  All in all, I
really dislike it.  Are any of the web-based services like HotMail good at
handling large volumes of email?

[original msg from Peter Crowther deleted]...

Or, you can upgrade to GNUS, the mail/news-reader inside GNU Emacs,
which reads mailing lists as if they were news under a unified model.
Scorefiles... threads... etc etc.  Very nice.

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