[PWS] PWS only meant for Swiki?

Bijan Parsia bparsia at email.unc.edu
Sun May 2 16:46:06 UTC 1999

On Sun, 2 May 1999, Bolot Kerimbaev wrote:

> I'm not using Craig's Correspondents framework, but I'm encapsulating the
> socket interface, so it should be easy to replace the underlying layer
> seemlessly. I had thought of using it, but since it is part of the standard
> release, I felt it would be too early to adopt it. As soon as Squeak central
> decides to adopt a different (say Craig's) socket framework, I will switch
> to that. In fact, I currently recreate (fake) some of the streaming support.

Sounds very nice!

I was sorta hoping to use PWS to push the correspondents into the main
release ;) If I can get it up and running, I'd be interested in mainting a
parallel version.
> I've created an "intermediate" PWS fix release, which makes it much more
> stable with respect to both uploads and downloads.

Sounds great! Where can I get ahold of it?

> The ultimate goal is to make the PWS actions/modules/servlets/handlers very
> pluggable, so that addition of functionality would only require overloading
> a small number of methods or supplying a different set of "plugs". 

This sounds terrific. I strongly recommend looking at the pluggable
text/list classes. All other things being equal, it would be nice to be
able to apply skills learned using them to using PWS.

I've wondered whether some varient of MVC might not do well as a model for
PWS. One tends to have data (models), html "views" of the data (e.g., the
"browse" view and "edit" view of a swiki page) and controllers

> goal is to keep the current PWS applications running, possibly in a
> "compatibility box".

Hmm. I think I'd just leave the old PWS there. I'd rather not have a lot
of compatibility cruft in a new PWS. I don't really see a *burning* need
to salvage old apps *except* for swikidata.

> And yes (answer to another email), EmailSwikiAction is in our plans. Jochen
> Rick (mailto:nadja at cc.gatech.edu) is working on restructuring Swikis and
> decoupling them from HTTP/PWS.

Yes yes yes! I want this for my InSqueakSwikiBrowser! ;)

Sounds good. I'd love to see some of the code. Especially since the PWS
list's been so quiet!


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