[Win32] VM Update

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at disney.com
Mon May 10 18:56:54 UTC 1999

I don't know enough about MacOS to give you a definitive answer. I did spoke
with John about it and he's looking into it.

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> >Reinier,
> >
> >There is no difference in the display handling (in fact there is no
> >difference in running Squeak as a browser plugin or not ;-) There are two
> >factors that may affect display performance though - one being that
> Squeak
> >just runs in a tiny window (basically VGA 640x480) and naturally, if the
> >display region is smaller there is less work to do. The second one might
> be
> >that there is nothing on the screen - meaning that there is only one
> Window
> >(no projects, no other workspaces) and this might slightly affect drawing
> >speed (though I think this is relatively unlikely). Actually, the biggest
> >difference I felt was that of image startup which is definitely due to
> >having the image shrunken before.
> Andreas -- how tough would it be to make such a plugin for the Mac? 
> Can I help?

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