[BUGS?]Balloon Help/Play With Me 3

Scott Wallace Scott.Wallace at disney.com
Sun Oct 10 03:53:33 UTC 1999

 At 3:28 PM -0400 10/9/99, Andrew C. Greenberg wrote:

> Some interesting artifacts of recent changes: 
> (1) Balloon help does not appear to work in new Morphic Projects. It
> continues to work in old projects, however

This bug seems to have been introduced by an inadvertent change in update #1507, "imgLibrary-tkLM", in which, in the method HandMorph.initialize, the line that initialized the "mouseOverTimes" instance variable got removed.

The fix is simply to revert that method to its prior version.  We'll shoot the fix through the update stream promptly.

(This bug may explain why peole were having some difficulty getting balloon help for the halo handles!)

> (2) I seem to remember that Play With Me 3 permitted you to modify
> the translucency of the displayed font. This no longer appears to be
> the case - clicking in the "no color" area now only permits you to
> make the font completely transparent.

Set your display depth to 16 or 32 to get the translucency option in the color picker.

  -- Scott

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