2.9a majorShrink bug & shrunken Morphic

Kevin Fisher kgf at golden.net
Sun Dec 17 06:55:57 UTC 2000

> > > 
> > > Is that *after* shrinking? My normal image is around 13.5 meg, so this doesn't
> > 
> > Yes, I believe so.
> I'm surpised that this is after *major*Shrinking. Did I miss something?

Ah, my original shrink with Morphic wasn't a majorShrink...I just called
a lot of the discard methods manually.

> >  There was a lot of activity when I discarded MVC but 
> > it still seems like a lot is left over.
> Ah! Still, I do a minor modification to #majorShrink to leave morphic and
> networking in (off a bare 2.8 image) and get 2.8 megs without being
> especially careful. I can send you it, if you like.

Actually, I'd appreciate that!  My current small Morphic image is still
over 10 megs.

I'm doing a two-sided shrink at the moment...getting a nice small image
and removing the redundancies of the mini-Linux install on the iPaq.

It involves a lot of rebuilding the "cramfs" flash filesystem.  I still
need to jettison stuff like the Xt libs, the twm window manager and the
network utilities.  Most of this stuff Squeak does anyways.  With Squeak
running full-screen I don't even need a window manager. :)

Anyway, once I've got the whole thing working I'll put up a howto page
on minnow.  

> And yes, shrinking can take a while.

I discovered what was holding things up.  I was calling Smalltalk lastRemove
and this was indeed getting stuck in a semaphore forever.  I haven't had
time to find out why just yet...

> Cheers,
> Bijan Parsia.

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