Squeak on iPaq..success!

Kevin Fisher kgf at golden.net
Tue Dec 19 15:37:46 UTC 2000


I managed to get the image on a read/write segment of memory and I 
got that benchmark for you...the result of "0 tinyBenchmarks" is:
4667444 bytecodes/sec; 155544 sends/sec

Note that this is on an unoptimized VM (compiling with optimizations
has problems on ARM).

> Kevin,
> Congratulations! Having Squeak running on the iPaq is a major
> accomplishment. I'm looking forward to following the trail you've
> blazed one of these days.
> When you get a chance, I'd love to see the tinyBenchmark numbers, although
> I have a pretty good sense what a 200 MHz StrongARM delivers in terms
> of Squeak performance. Just print the result of "0 tinyBenchmarks".
> I've seen a problem similar to the one you mention with majorShrink.
> In my case, a critical method used by the Delay process had accidentally
> been removed, causing that process to die. Thus, the processing waiting
> on the Delay was never awoken. The fix (as I recall) was to add that
> method's selector to the list of "protected" selectors. But don't
> worry: lastRemove really doesn't yield significant space savings--
> perhaps only a few thousand bytes. You're not missing much to omit it.
> 	-- John
> >Well after several re-flashings of the iPaq's flash with successively smalle
> r
> >images, I've finally gotten Squeak 2.9a up and running on the iPaq.  
> >
> >I used "Smalltalk majorShrink; abandonSources" and got the image down to 1.7
> >megs with a tiny changes file...more than enough!
> >
> >So, as soon as I can break my ancient Xap Shot out of mothballs I'll try 
> >to snap a few pictures.  MVC looks really sharp on the iPaq LCD, I must say.
>  :)
> >One nice thing about the Xserver on the iPaq is that it operates in both
> >portrait and landscape mode...the Browser is quite readable and usable
> >in landscape mode.
> >
> >A couple notes:
> >
> >The majorShrink seems to have had some unpleasant side-effects.  When I
> >save the shrunken image I get an error box complaining about a missing
> >seperator.  Still, it saves the image.
> >
> >As I briefly mentioned, using "Smalltalk lastRemove" seems to hang the VM.
> >If you cmd-. you can break out of it..it seems to be hung in a Semaphore.
> >
> >Ok...well, next step: Morphic!

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