Q: Process priority and some other stuff ?

Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at chello.se
Mon Dec 4 20:21:17 UTC 2000

Hi, I'm hacking on the MPEGPlayer and 
the _big_ issue is speed. 
I have three processes that 
handles audio and video. The first audio process is 
feeding a buffer and spend most it's time 
in wait (3000 milliseconds). 
The second audio process is SoundPlayer.
And the video process is reading into a form and 
synching to real-time. 
My questions are

1 How do I let the system know that a process
have some cycles to spear ? 

2 The SoundPlayer process runs at userInterruptPriority (5)
  Is there anything to gain by increasing this to priority 6 or 7 ?
  Is there anything for the video process to gain from running 
at 6 or 7 ? ( Latest released MPEGPlayer code runs at priority 4)

3 I'm trying to understand semaphores. Are there any Cliff's Notes
on semaphores out there ? If not, have I understood correctly if I
think of semaphores as a flag to start/resume another process that 
is idle ?

Thanks for the patients,

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