AW: Squeak and the thing GUI

Lex Spoon lex at
Wed Jan 10 02:58:43 UTC 2001

Juan Manuel Vuletich <jmvuletich at> wrote:
> Hi Hans
> "Hans N. Beck" wrote:
> >
> > It's probably not too hard to accomplish, but it doesn't sound like
> > something Squeak Central would want to spend time on.  I imagine that
> > when you spend time thinking about computers of the future, it's hard to
> > step back and interoperate with the inferior computers of today.
> > [Hans N. Beck]  Please, can you explain this statement a little more ? do you mean a single
> > window is the future, or what else ?????
> > 
> No, the idea is to forget about windows, and have something more
> general, malleable and powerful. In a word, Objects.

That's the future.  It's not toooo hard, though, for Squeak apps to
integrate much more nicely with existing window systems.  "All" that is
necessary is to add the ability to open native windows.  It's important,
by the way, to continue to allow for the case that only one big window
is available; probably there'd have to be some sort of
SystemWindow>>open that just does the right thing.  Furthermore, I
suppose that incoming mouse events are going to have to say what window
was clicked in.

Still, it's a lot of details to worry about, and doing such things isn't
as much fun when you've been thinking about a better way.


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