A Squeak Plug-in Application

JArchibald at aol.com JArchibald at aol.com
Sun Jan 14 05:01:49 UTC 2001

=> 1/13/01 5:12:27 PM EST, nadja at cc.gatech.edu =>
<< Go to http://seaweed.cc.gatech.edu/imged/file?name=swiki.gif&show=true
    You can click on any of these to edit and 
    that will be the version that shows up on the front page.>>

That's really neat. I had used some "swiki-think" and figured out what the 
original name of the gif was (thus swiki.20.gif). But seeing them all 
together is really alright. Too bad we don't have comparable pictures for the 
evolution of software. :-)

<< You are all very creative! >>

I don't think anyone should give up their day job for an artistic career 
quite yet. :-)



Jerry L. Archibald

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