Game Programming in Squeak

Torge Husfeldt jean-jacques.gelee at
Tue Oct 30 17:09:15 UTC 2001

Jon and others,

Andreas Raab wrote:
> Jon,
> > As anyone who has done any serious 3D game development realizes,
> > Squeak will probably never be fast enough to do a "modern"
> > first-person shooter.
> I'm sure that if you start from that point you'll have plenty of ways to
> prove it ;-)  Ah ... do you remember the days when people "knew" that you
> can't possibly write an operating system in a high-level language like C?!
> ;-)
And anyway, the starting point for this thread was DarkBasic, which is
an interpreted language too and has to deal with the same problems as
squeak. So why shouldn't be squeak able to compete with it?! Remember
this is not a develepment environment for _real_ state of the art first
person shooters but just a utility to toy around with. The fun really
seems to be more on the content developer side than on the gamer's
because in general these games (written with an ide like that) become
boring very soon. 
There is a review of DarkBasic and two others in c't 21/2001 pp.192.

Just my two eurocents


> Sorry couldn't resist,
>   - Andreas

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