[ANN] SqM with 'double clickable FreeCell'

Andreas Raab Andreas.Raab at gmx.de
Mon Apr 1 15:03:12 UTC 2002

> The ReadMe said "To be able to double click FreeCell.st, you 
> must first associate the extension 'st' with SqM.exe."

Yes, but even if I do that nothing happens. I have to provide an image
file which I either choose from a list or drop it into the SqM directory
and it starts the image nicely but nothing more.

> > Anything else I'm missing?
> Hmm, besides restarting my machine after downloading some
> DLLs without asking (which is kinda scary) it doesn't seem
> to do anything usefull ;-)

Duh ... well it doesn't restart my machine ;-)

  - Andreas

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