Martín Altobello martin_altobello at yahoo.com.ar
Sat Apr 6 03:15:39 UTC 2002

> P.S: I hope you are not turning the table on me ;-). Seriuosly,
> the 'double clickable FreeCell' was meant as a joke on April 1. If you
> were really confused, I am sorry.

AHHH, americans! One would think that after 4 years of friendship with some
guys in the US, one of them a virginian! I'd know better, but no... I
admit... you got me, big time.

It happened yesterday. We were working on Squeak with a friend and we
decided to try a few games... so I remembered I had read about this game
FreeCell on the list... I should ... SHOULD have checked the date!

Anyway - I'm used to this "cultural barriers"... so...no harm done... I tell
you one thing though... If you ever come to Argentina, I'd love to meet you
and buy you dinner. After which I'll tell you what you actually ate ;-)

> We are not really there yet. I really hope that next version
> released April 01 2003 will be a real one (after I received an
> implementation for a CompilerPlugin or a Squeak stand alone
> SqueakCompiler ;-)

It sounds very promising.

> And for now would some one more knowledgable with the Morphic
> terminology please fill me in with all these different thingies. Your
> help is appreciated.

We are working  ourselves into getting familiarized with Morphic. In todays
meeting SqueakRos decided to develop a Squeak version of "Teg" after we
finish with our Logical Circuits Simulation. Personally, I've been playing
with the "Flaps", trying to get them to work inside any Morph. I got them up
and running in a SystemWindow, but I'm having troubles having the referent
to size properly when they are inside... let's say a RectangleMorph. But
that's the nicest thing about Squeak... you can "play" with anything you

Well... glad to be an "aprils fool",



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