Problem and Congratulations

Charles Hixson charleshixsn at
Wed Apr 10 20:44:18 UTC 2002

The congrats won't make much sense until after the problem:

I was running the BankAccount tutorial on a Win95 system.  Everything 
was working fine up until I got to the statement:
b historyMorph openInWorld.

At this point, these blue bars showed up at the left hand side of the 
screen.  And Squeak hung.
I couldn't get out without using the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del).
The congratulations are because ONLY Squeak hung.  I left it running for 
an hour while I did other things, and the computer never froze.  On 
Win95.  That truly rates congratulations.

My guess as to the problem:
one of the deposits into the bank account was:
b deposit: 10 factorial.          (or perhaps it was 100).
I also withdrew 17 a few times.
Based on the difference observed in the heights of the bars, my guess is 
that the bar chart must have been a mile high or so.  Perhaps Squeak 
kept trying to draw it?  I do know that my computer slowed down 
remarkably for the longest time.  So perhaps that's what was going on. 
 Then I tried to drag the bars around a few times, so even if it 
finished drawing the graph once, it would just have needed to start 
drawing it all over again.

Request:  How do I break a Squeak program caught in this kind of loop? 
 In this case killing the program didn't cause me any harm, but in other 
cases ....

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