Unsuccesfull font-support on Linux

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Sun Apr 14 13:48:48 UTC 2002

On Sunday 14 April 2002 12:05 am, Martin Drautzburg wrote:

> I did that. But it does not quite work.

[snip description of problems]

I noticed all of this myself. But I thought that Henrik said that one 
of the limitations was that the text only worked with a white 
background at present.

> I have noticed all of the above on my Windows box at work so I am
> amazed that Maarten reports more success. I did not notice any of
> these problems on a 3.0 image, only on 3.2.

Hmm... perhaps we should ask Henrik about 3.2...

Ned Konz

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