Moved Tools flap to bottom, now it doesn't work.

Ken Causey ken at
Tue Apr 16 14:30:20 UTC 2002

On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 16:51, Ken Causey wrote:
> I'm using 3.2g-4811, and was attempting to optimize my screen real
> estate.  So I moved all of the flaps to the bottom of the screen using
> the cling to edge menu item.  Everything seemed fine until I tried to
> pull off a tool, instead of the appropriate tool, I get a copy of the
> IconicButton.
> I should note that I also notice an interesting variation in red halo
> menu behaviour with the tools flap now.  Clicking the red helo pops up
> the menu then immediately selects whatever menu item is under the
> mouse.  I have to hold down the button to keep the menu up.  This
> doesn't seem to be the case with any other flap including the Squeak
> flap which I also moved to the bottom.

Turns out the interesting behaviour with the tool flaps red halo menu is
unrelated.  I can get this behaviour to occur with any flap if the flap
is close enough to the right edge of the world that the menu pops up
under the mouse cursor.

Similarly interesting, if I click the world low enough (say below the
level at which the tops of the flaps are drawn) then the world menu pops
up but won't stay up unless I hold the mouse button down.  This is also
true for the personal menu.

Ken Causey

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