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goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Wed Apr 17 11:05:45 UTC 2002

Russell Allen <russell.allen at> wrote:
> Hi Goran,
> What in particular don't you like about the design?  Possibly
> it is a little minimal, but it was intended to be a "strict, clean,
> fastloading site with a 'good look'"...

Thats good! :-)
Well, I didn't mean to be negative - the site is quite ok, let me give
some more constructive suggestions:

I still think it could be made a little bit more polished,

- The link-effect is ok but personally I would like them to be a little
bit more "standing out". This can be done with underline (with perhaps a
subtle colorchange on mouse-over for visual feedback) or at least making
them more bold. At we have links without underline but we
made them blue and a bit more bold.
- Perhaps some other font(s) could be used to make it a bit less
- The headings feel a tad too large in general.
- The index on the left could perhaps be made a bit more "slim". I like
it in general but the rectangle with round corners around it feels a bit
- The tables used for grouping stuff could perhaps be made a bit "less
ordinary" too.
- Server seems quite slow.
- Font sizes are in pt, I think ems are much better. When I did I read up quite a lot on those issues and somewhere on
some very informed site it said that ems are actually the only font-size
unit worth using (since it takes both monitor size, resolution and
personal preference in account)

On the positive side:

- Simple CSS for effects (instead of Javascript, thank you)
- No frames (I hate them, thank you)
- Seems to be proper HTML (good)

Well, it's just personal thoughts. Take them with a grain of salt.

> The main problem I would see in the web presence of Squeak is that most
> of our contents (and there is a suprising amount) is on the swiki, not
> on  Maybe we should merge the two, and only have the swiki
> at

Well, I am not sure about that. It is a problem that does
not get updated that much but on the other hand it should be kept more
"in line" than the Swiki. A simple "News/Announcements" section on the
first page might make it more interesting.

Btw - perhaps we should change the wording "Squeak comes under an open
source license" to perhaps "Squeak has a very liberal license" or
something like that. I think the last word on OpenSource certification
was that SqueakL is NOT OpenSource.

> Cheers,
> Russell

regards, Göran

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