straw-man 3.2 default preferences

Ned Konz ned at
Fri Apr 19 02:20:08 UTC 2002

On Thursday 18 April 2002 06:37 pm, Scott Wallace wrote:

> (inboardScrollbars false)

I think this is possibly the most controversial of the preferences.

My take on it is that the defaults probably should be set to inboard, 

(a) people are familiar with that UI behavior, and

(b) it is faster to aim at something you can see than something that 
you hope will be there when you get there. If you overshoot to the 
left of the scrollbar, the scrollbar disappears again, and you have 
to once again move the mouse inside the pane to get the scrollbar 
back. The arguments relating to screen real estate aren't as 
important as they used to be.

Those of us who prefer the flop-out scrollbars can certainly change 


(scrollBarsWithoutMenuButton false)

increases the possibility of getting a menu when you're aiming at a 
scroll bar arrow.


(optionalButtons true)

is a good idea (as Brian has noted).

Ned Konz

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