Proposal for TWO official releases

Chris Becker chb99 at
Fri Apr 19 15:09:38 UTC 2002

Cees de Groot [cg at] wrote:
>>No, it is NOT free software. I cannot give it
>>to my friends in Libya or Iraq, for example.
>>In fact, it is the US government that decides
>>who I can share it with. If there's one government
>>in this world that I don't trust to make these
>>judgements, it's the dorks occupying the District of
>>Columbia (especially now they've put one
>>of the most pathetic examples of their species
>>in the driver's seat).

Well Cees, what government *would* you trust? We've had 226 years of
practice at freedom and democracy here. If it wasn't for the US government,
ARPA never would have existed, and therefore the Internet wouldn't exist.
For that matter, if it wasn't for *our* free enterprise system you wouldn't
even have a personal computer!

Exactly what great contribution has the Netherlands given the world? Do the
Dutch have more experience at creating free and democratic governments? I'm
trying hard to think now ... hmm ... the first thing that comes to mind is
South Africa ...

Chris Becker

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