[OT] LaTeX/TeX (was: Who has not job?)

David Chase chase at world.std.com
Mon Apr 22 14:47:47 UTC 2002

At 10:03 AM 4/22/2002 -0400, Mark Guzdial wrote:
>On Friday, April 19, 2002, at 04:44  AM, goran.hultgren at bluefish.se wrote:
>>- I think Ian Piumarta did the LaTeX styles/templates (or whatever) for
>>Mark's two books. Seems worth looking at.
>Ian did the LaTeX stylesheets for the NuBlue book -- which is why it's so gorgeous.

Are these available anywhere?  

>which is why I'm such a LaTeX fan today and I was so agreeable to Ian's suggestion of LaTeX for the second book.

I don't know enough of the Squeak documentation context to make
a certainly relevant contribution here, but I am a big LaTeX
fan, and have had nothing but trouble with Word.  If nothing else,
LaTeX remains compatible with itself -- I was able to re-latex a
dissertation written in 1987, and it was trouble-free. With a few
minimal changes (4 lines in the header) I was able to use
pdf-generating extensions, including all the navigation goodies.

I have, however, had poor luck with LaTeX to HTML conversion,
at least on this Windows box that I normally use.

David Chase

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