Hair-Brained Idea: Squeak Kernel Module?

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at
Tue Apr 23 05:08:20 UTC 2002

Hola again,

This may sound insane, but then again, it might be useful!

How feasable would a Squeak VM kernel module be?  If other
userland-processes-turned-kernel-module stories are to be heard, it may be
a place for embedded Squeak to grab some more performance.  Specifically,
I'm thinking of having the VM run as a kernel module on my iPAQ, using the
framebuffer as the display medium.  I know that Lee and others will start
yelling "SqueakNOS!" but there's something to be said about work that's
already been done.  Especially work in C and Assembler.  Which means I can
work on Smalltalk instead.

Insane, or possibly practical?


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