[ANN] DVS rev. 1.28

Göran Hultgren squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org
Sat Oct 19 15:42:08 UTC 2002

Hi Avi and all!

Quoting Avi Bryant <avi at beta4.com>:
> > Of course DVS and SqueakMap could surely be tied together in
> interesting
> > ways... For example - DVS could subclass SMInstaller (mimicking
> > SMDefaultInstaller) and thus take care of installation/upgrades of
> > packages that have been filed out using DVS. Just one simple problem
> -
> > currently the installers detect if they can handle the download
> filename
> > and the default installer gets triggered for .cs.gz, .cs, .st and
> > .st.gz. Another extension perhaps for DVS fileouts?
> Yes, that would be a good plan.  I suppose we could use another
> extension
> - maybe just something like .dvs.st (since DVS fileOuts can be filed in
> normally if you don't have DVS installed)?

Sounds nice. I should also slightly refactor that bit so that .gz will work for
all "single file" formats without having each installer take care of it.

I have put this up on my little list for RC1. Since I will take a look at DVS
anyway then I could give this little DVSInstaller a shot.

regards, Göran

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