[ANN] Connectors 1.2 available from SqueakMap

Ned Konz squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org
Wed Oct 30 20:18:46 UTC 2002

I've posted a "1.2" version of Connectors to SqueakMap in a .SAR=20

This is the first .SAR version. This adds a number of enhancements and=20
bug fixes to version 1.02, including support for schematics, a=20
special Project/World for drawings, and other cool things.

This version won't load directly into Squeak 3.3a (until SqueakMap is=20
ported to it), but if you unpack it and file in the preamble, change=20
sets, and postscript separately it should work (so far untried).

I don't know how well it will load over older versions; if you want=20
the CS itself (with its method removals, etc.), please contact me.

Connectors is an application for making structured/connected drawings=20
in Morphic. It adds a new kind of Morph (NCConnectorMorph) that can=20
connect other Morphs together (and stay connected). There are also a=20
number of other shapes, flaps, and tools for making your own=20

It comes with some sample shapes in flaps for making UML class diagram=20
and state diagrams.

It's also a framework for making your own structured drawing editors.=20
There is an easy to use API for querying drawing structure,=20
constructing drawings, and more.

Ned Konz

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