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Tue Apr 1 00:44:17 UTC 2003

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003 23:25:48 +0100, <goran.hultgren at> wrote:

> Hi all!
> Ken Causey <ken at> wrote:
>> My understanding is that CVS uses ssh (and scp?) (the command line tools
>> I mean) to provide this service and doesn't have any knowledge of the
>> ssh protocols itself.  Couldn't Sqcvs do the same?   At least until such
>> time as someone finds it worth their while to provide full protocol
>> support in Squeak or as a plugin?
> Well, AFAIK the normal CVS executable uses RSH or SSH to connect to a
> server (not scp). I am no Unix guru but I guess it starts a cvs
> executable on the server side and then simply uses stdin/stdout through
> the shell to communicate with that "twin".

Ok, so RSH and SSH (IIRC) both connect to sshd which does authentication 
and launches something.  SSH is hardwired to default to the remote default 
shell, RSH takes the something from the command line.  Via SSH it would be 
trivial to do port redirection which would then allow the local CVS to talk 
"pserver" to the remote one.  Running a remote CVS instance and 
communicating with it over stdio sounds like a more RSH kind of thing, but 
that is easy enough to accomplish with SSH also.

> I have no idea if the communication from that point on is the same as
> the "pserver" protocol which is documented and that I have implemented.
> If it *is* then it should be simple to do the same using OSProcess,
> BUT... then the point of sqcvs sortof fades. Sqcvs is a "Squeak pure"
> implementation and enables use of CVS from any Squeak enabled platform
> that has networking in the VM - it already works fine if you can use
> unencrypted pserver access.
> Anyway, I should look up how that works...
> regards, Göran


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