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Boris Gaertner Boris.Gaertner at
Sun Apr 6 19:14:49 UTC 2003

Marco Paga <mail at> wrote:

>>I've read that CS6 will be in Germany, so I'm thinking about going there.
>>But do you think that they just want die-hard smalltalkers not me as 
>>a newbie?
Discrimination of newbies would be against all traditions of Smalltalk
culture.I do not think that this can happen.

Have you read reports from earlier CampSmalltalk events? It is perhaps a
idea to look at
for a report from the event at Essen two years ago.
When you search for "Camp Smalltalk" on
you will find 142 items.

To find out what will be offered at CS6, we should talk to each other.

It would be nice to know the plans and the expectations of the
participants (and those that still hesitate).
May I ask these persons to answer these four questions?

1. Did you ever attend a CampSmalltalk?
2. Have you decided to come or do you still hesitate?
3. What do you want to see and to hear?
4. What can you bring? (bugs, finished and unfinished code, lectures,
    workshops, presentations, a lot of questions, ... )

I will now follow my own advice and tell you this:

1. No, I did not.
2. I still have not decided but I find CampSmalltalk very attractive.
    I will decide within the next few days.
3. My interest is focused on Squeak. It is therefore understandable
    that I would search communication with Squeakers. (Information
    about other Smalltalks is of course interesting, but I would take
    that as 'collateral' profit. Hey folks, I managed to find the opposite
    of  'collateral damage' !!! )
    I would be delighted to learn more about multilingual Squeak,
    about software to write music, about mathematical software
    (both numerical and symbolic maths).
4. My work on MVC, an unfinished maths program, a
    lot of interest in multilingual software and some fonts.

Do not forget: Registrations should be made until Apr 19.


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