Building GUI Apps

Chris Burkert christian.burkert at
Thu Apr 10 21:39:26 UTC 2003


Doug Way wrote:
> I believe that BobsUI and CGUI are the only UI kits which are up to date with
> the latest versions of Squeak.

CGUI isn't so big and unfortunatly I don't have the time to work on it 
every week. So BobsUI should be a better choice.

> Steve Graham wrote:
>>I'm interested in building GUI apps.  I've dabbled a
>>bit with Smalltalk V in the (way) past and have spent
>>the greater part of 22 years using procedural 3rd
>>generation languages.  Any comments on where to start?

Of course you have the standard Classes like SystemWindow or 
SimpleButtonMorph in the image. Take a look at the existing applications.

There's also Zurgle on SqueakMap which provides a Win XP like look. But 
I think there have been some bugs in the last time.

I think the real power is in building a special GUI for your special 
application. All the boring gray widgets that we are used to in a 
Windows World aren't what Squeak wants to copy. But it gives you the 
power to build your own GUI easy and very fast!

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