Need feedback on simple idea

Swan, Dean Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Fri Apr 11 19:34:43 UTC 2003


	Yes, but...  In human protocol, unlike Smalltalk, the message sent and the interpretation of said message upon receipt don't always resolved to the same meaning.  I only brought this up because it was clear to me (because of the reasons you mentioned) that Stephane's message was a personal inquiry, but it was equally clear that a lot of people didn't take it that way.


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> I think Stephane could have written his original email more clearly.  
> However it seems to me that a convention has been evolving on 
> the list, that "official" posts from a steward-team have that 
> team's name in the subject line.  The MCP guys have been 
> consistent about this -- the KCP guys have, too, I think.  
> This goes along with the MCP/KCP convention to list all the 
> goals & changes for a team on a Swiki web page.
> So, if there's no "official" tag on a post, we can assume the 
> author is not speaking as a Steward.  Sound good?
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> > 
> > Stef,
> > 
> > 	Indeed, you did not say we should change <<Squeak>>.  
> > You proposed a change to <<Smalltalk>>, which is both more 
> > and less than Squeak.  Why would you publicly pose such a 
> > question if you didn't want to know how people *really* feel 
> > about the idea???
> > 
> > 	As with many such proposals, some love it, some hate 
> > it, and there doesn't seem to be a clear consensus, but 
> > everybody who replied indicated a strong preference.  Many 
> > also delved into some of the technical issues to be worked 
> > out in pursuing this proposal.  Hopefully these things were 
> > all helpful and were the kind of feedback you were hoping for.
> > 
> > 	You also must consider that as a steward of the 
> > "kernel", inquiries about such interesting research topics 
> > coming from you can no longer be "innocent inquiries".  
> > People will infer intent to change the "kernel" for which you 
> > are one of the care-takers.  "You're in 'management' now, so 
> > you can't pal around the water cooler anymore without the 
> > 'workers' taking it differently than they used to." use 
> > a metaphor.
> > 

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