Problem with Skins II package

Brian Brown rbb at
Mon Apr 14 22:51:01 UTC 2003

On Monday 07 April 2003 06:36 pm, Stephan B. Wessels wrote:
> My fault Brian.
> The change set had a reference to a class that was not to be included
> in the update.  For those of you who have tried it and succeeded, you
> probably have my IRC Enhancements change set installed.  That IRC
> change set has a special list morph class that my skins II code also
> touches.
> I just posted an update that removes this reference and adds text pane
> colors support.  Also, this update now creates a #skins preference to
> better allow control over portions of external theme files you may wish
> to avoid.

Steve, this absolutely rocks =)

... and if I want every window in a different theme, no problem :)

I also added AccuFonts and X11 fonts... turning into  a gorgeous image, hehe



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