Where is the define-button in the debugger?

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Fri Apr 25 04:21:44 UTC 2003

On Thursday 24 April 2003 09:10 pm, Anthony Adachi wrote:

> I looked at that in the SM Package Loader earlier.
> However, I noticed it said: "Useable by daredevils.
> Probably still full of bugs". Not sure if that sounds
> too promising to someone like myself who is new to
> Squeak and who is not a professional programmer.
> Sounds kind of dangerous.

It was probably marked at that level (alpha?) because we didn't have 
any feedback on it yet.

> So, I take it that there isn't a way to add a new
> method or class directly from within the Debugger
> without importing some kind of add-on into one's
> Squeak image?(or even from the sUnit TestRunner window
> for that matter?)

You can add a new method when you're in the debugger, even without 
this. The easiest way is to switch over to a browser, write the 
method, and then go to the debugger and restart the method that 
called the missing method.

My addition of the button just is a bit of a convenience because it 
makes a stub method that is then editable right from the debugger.

Ned Konz

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