Ingo Hohmann ingo at 2b1.de
Fri Apr 25 08:30:04 UTC 2003

Hello to all,

I started to use Squeak (and thus smalltalk) two days ago in my ongoing 
quest to find the ideal programming language for me.

This means:
- Runs identical on Linux / Win
- Has a Gui included
- networking

Later I need to interface a little with the OS
- Printing
- start external programs
- maybe use dlls

Now for some questions I have gathered in this time (in no particular order:

- I've seen things like the monthmorph and the pda, but so far haven't 
really understood how those guis are built. Can someone help me along, 
please, maybe by telling me where I have to look, or a ticTacToe playing 
field example might be helpful, too.

- is it possible to get the window size from within squeak?

- the car driving etoys 'alert' uses a test 'car is over color' is this 
   a handcrafted test? I am unable to find it in the snippets to 
assemble a script.

- I made a drawing 'look like' another one through a script (as far as I 
remember ;-) , and now I am unable to revert it to the original, what 
may I have done wrong, and what can I do to get the original back? 
(Neither lookLike nor restoreBaseGraphik work.)

- What is the best way to save data, e.g. like the notes in a pda? In a 
collaborative setting? Is there any work on database connectivity?

Well, I guess that's it for now.

Kind regards,


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