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Brent Vukmer bvukmer at
Mon Apr 28 13:42:48 UTC 2003

You can also select the text, then click Cmd-Shift-E.

There's a really helpful reference page at

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> "Jason Rogers" <jacaetevha at> wrote:
> | I am trying to find a way to search through all the source 
> code for a
> | given text string.  I know there must be a way but I haven't figured
> it
> | out.  Anyone know?  (I tried to get to the Swiki to search 
> there, but
> it
> | seems to be down...)
> 	Smalltalk browseMethodsWithSourceString: aString
> should do what you want.  You can also get to it via the Paragraph
> Editor menu by selecting the text you want to search, then invoke the
> menu via the "yellow button" mouse button (middle button or <option>
> click on Macintosh), then choose "more...", then "method source with
> it".
> 	-- tim

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