[OT] Holy cow! 273 squeak e-mails since Friday!

Chris Reuter cgreuter at csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Apr 29 07:38:43 UTC 2003

In article <8E197B764EBFD4118D120020480E3D7502D09E8A at exchg_cc.kronos.com> you write:
>Thanks Ned and Göran.  :-)
>This is what I get for taking the weekend off and going on a 3 day business

I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet so I thought I'd throw it
out.  This list is now available via NNTP from gmane.org so you can
read it using your favourite news reader.  I've been using trn to read
it for the last month and it's really helped me navigate the list.


...not affiliated with gmane.org though...
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