[GOODIE] The cellular automaton used in the introduction of "A new kind of science" (Stephen Wolfram)

Edmund Ronald eronald at cmapx.polytechnique.fr
Mon Feb 3 13:28:19 UTC 2003

CAs are hard to do fast and not that intersting. 
Maybe someone wants to do Lindenmayer systems ?


On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Markus Gaelli wrote:

> ... is now on Squeakmap. ("NewKindOfScienceIntro")
> It is quite slow and a model of a CA would be needed and rule 30 could 
> be used to create a random-generator
> as Wolfram does it in Mathematica, and a real introduction would be 
> nice, and a project, and, and, and...any more volunteers?
> Markus

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