[Q] Endianness (was: [ANN] Ma client server)

Markus Fritsche Fritsche.Markus at gmx.net
Wed Feb 5 07:00:18 UTC 2003

Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 05:27 schrieb Chris Muller:

> Until multi-platform issues get worked out, I have downgraded the
> "stability" on SqueakMap to "Beta".

For the others on the list (I think we've discussed the thing private until 
now): after I discovered that

(ByteArray new: 50)
        integerAt: 1
        put: 7
        size: 4
        signed: false

depends on libffi, and that seems to be the platform dependent part - *and* Ma 
Client Server uses this to read from network (as far as I understood), I 
wondered if this could raise problems when used with mixed high/ low endian 
machines in a network. But I'm not an endian expert :-)

Could someone who is firm with endianess look at it, or start the tests coming 
with the latest Ma Client Server package on SqueakMap with different endian 

Regards, Markus


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