Morphic tutorial

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Wed Feb 5 11:19:40 UTC 2003

Hi Janet!

Janet Abdul-Karim <jn_karim at> wrote:
> I need to find a morphic tutorial.  I did a google search and the examples there didn't help me.  The book by Guzdial is confusing to me and I have also looked on the GT website.  I am just trying to create a frame, text area, and some buttons to process somethings.

Did you check the Squeak Swiki? If not, then please get acquainted with
the Squeak Swiki - it is *the* central of useful information about
Squeak. Morphic starts here, there are several links to Morphic
tutorials on this page:

regards, Göran

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