[ANN] Magma 1.0gamma, on SqueakMap

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Thu Feb 6 10:10:25 UTC 2003

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003 chris at funkyobjects.org wrote:

> Overall, my feeling is that this may actually be usable.  Having said
> that, keep in mind that I've only tested in Windows so far

Related to that - I hit a stumbling block right away on linux when Magma
tried to prepend a \ to my repository filename.  The problem's somewhere
in MaFilename, which seems pretty Windows-centric; I cludged it to work
for now by changing MaFileame>>base to be

  ^ string upTo: $.

A couple of other first impressions:

- A #commit without a #begin raises a meaningless error (I think it's
MNU #result).  I'm pretty sure I complained about this way back in the
first Magma release; yes, it's incorrect to try, but I'd like to be told
what I'm doing wrong.

- I didn't get the results I was expecting with #abort.  I tried

session commit: [session root at: 'a' put: 'b'].
session root at: 'a'.   "b"
session begin.
session root at: 'a' put: 'x'.
session root at: 'a'.  "x"
session abort.
session root at: 'a'.  "x, expected b".

Am I missing something?

I did, however, sucessfully connect and commit to a database both in
single user mode and remotely, and from multiple concurrent clients.
Very cool.


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