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Stephane Ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Thu Feb 6 11:26:56 UTC 2003

Hi goran

I agree with what you said previously.

> What do you think Stephane?

Could be cool, I do not kknow exaclty we could present Sunit tests in a 
more digestable way.

>> tml
>> But the squeakers prefer to hack apparently. This is just too bad.
> Hey Stephane. No need to sound so "hostile" - I am a Squeaker and could
> take offense! ;-)

I would like Squeak wakes up. Sometimes I'm sooooo pissed of by what I 
see in the image
I know that this is difficult, I know the harvesting process.

What I would like from the guides is a list of "classes to clean".
We need guides to say:
	the two next months we want to clean that class:
	we need examples, we need tests, we need comments

> I agree with you on this but I also respect that people work in
> different ways. Some of us are simply playing around, other use Squeak
> for work or research etc. Different people, different backgrounds and
> needs.

Excatly but at the end EVERYBODY would gain to have a cleaner system, 
with tests.
I think that Test are an investment for the future of Squeak. They are 
cheap, everybody can write them, they are always in sync, support 
harvesting and refactoring.

> Having said that I still agree with you on the necessity of moving the
> Squeak community into a more test-based "mode". And perhaps the best 
> way
> to do that is to take this into account when we reimplement the
> Harvesting process.


I can tell you that I loved when hans martin submitted his fix for 
broken large number
digital arithmetic. The tests were so clear.

> If we integrate SUnit tests (like simply demanding them to be included
> in FIXes for example) into the new tool for harvesting we might
> eventually make ourselves use them more than we currently do.

YES. I think that the harvesting should include in priority those 
tests. but more generally
we should identify rotten parts of squeak and throw them away and 
rebuild them or replace them (parser, AST, Scanner, classBuilder, 
SystemDictionary, Browser comes immediately in my mind.

I think that we need guidance.

> regards, Göran
Prof. Dr. Stéphane DUCASSE (ducasse at iam.unibe.ch) 
  "if you knew today was your last day on earth, what would you do
  different? ... especially if, by doing something different, today
  might not be your last day on earth" Calvin&Hobbes

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