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goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Thu Feb 6 13:19:19 UTC 2003

Stephane Ducasse <ducasse at iam.unibe.ch> wrote:
> >
> Hi goran
> I agree with what you said previously.
> > What do you think Stephane?
> Could be cool, I do not kknow exaclty we could present Sunit tests in a 
> more digestable way.

I didn't really mean to present the test code itself. Rather I meant
(for example) that this "interactive book" - which would contain stuff
much like any manual/book would like examples, explanations, the "big
pictures" etc - would have each little part of it's content "tied" to
one or more test cases.

This would mean that whenever a test case is broken OR altered (changed
OR enlarged) the corresponding part in the book would automatically turn
"stale" until someone actively goes in - looks it over - and verifies
that it is still up to date (marked with name and timestamp of course,
otherwise it may get tempting to just mark it "ok" without even

The idea being that we can then "force" the book to stay up to date.

> What I would like from the guides is a list of "classes to clean".
> We need guides to say:
> 	the two next months we want to clean that class:
> 	we need examples, we need tests, we need comments

Sounds like a good idea. Would you care to help out with a gross list of
such classes to attack? To get the ball rolling I would perhaps focus on
some simpler tasks to begin with.

> > I agree with you on this but I also respect that people work in
> > different ways. Some of us are simply playing around, other use Squeak
> > for work or research etc. Different people, different backgrounds and
> > needs.
> Excatly but at the end EVERYBODY would gain to have a cleaner system, 
> with tests.

Yes, I agree of course.

> I think that Test are an investment for the future of Squeak. They are 
> cheap, everybody can write them, they are always in sync, support 
> harvesting and refactoring.

Yes, they truly have a lot of nice qualities.

> I think that we need guidance.

Ehrm, yes - unfortunately (or fortunately - depending on the viewpoint!
:-) there are many Squeakers much more competent than I in this respect.

By the way - do look over the pages here:

There are some roles and activity lists that might be interesting in
this respect.

regards, Göran

PS. Perhaps we should simply announce a "clean up week". During that
week we each try to pick a corner of the current image (not in packages
since the need is highest in the base image) and pick out the broom.
Anything helps - even simply writing a class comment or typing in a few
TestCases. And then we end the week (last two days) by cross-reviewing
the changes and pushing them all the way through into the update stream.
Otherwise it will get bottlenecked at the Harvesters. Hmmm, sounds like
fun to me!

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