Squeak Documentation Project

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Thu Feb 6 16:33:46 UTC 2003

> PS. Perhaps we should simply announce a "clean up week". During that
> week we each try to pick a corner of the current image (not in packages
> since the need is highest in the base image) and pick out the broom.
> Anything helps - even simply writing a class comment or typing in a few
> TestCases. And then we end the week (last two days) by cross-reviewing
> the changes and pushing them all the way through into the update 
> stream.
> Otherwise it will get bottlenecked at the Harvesters. Hmmm, sounds like
> fun to me!

I was waiting for that kind of actions for long time now. When we 
started to fix the
filelist this started like that, with john sarkela then henrik and 
another person
I forgot his name for the MVC part.

I think that we should have a list of topics and ask for people to 
sign. We should
have three to four core volunteers that will manage the changes, 
integrate tests.

Now we should not be to ambitious and start with a carefully identified 
I have no idea of a simple case, may be the World menu (but I did not 
check what daniel did)


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