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Chris Burkert christian.burkert at s2000.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu Feb 6 14:57:49 UTC 2003

Hi Goran

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se wrote:
> I didn't really mean to present the test code itself. Rather I meant
> (for example) that this "interactive book" - which would contain stuff
> much like any manual/book would like examples, explanations, the "big
> pictures" etc - would have each little part of it's content "tied" to
> one or more test cases.
> This would mean that whenever a test case is broken OR altered (changed
> OR enlarged) the corresponding part in the book would automatically turn
> "stale" until someone actively goes in - looks it over - and verifies
> that it is still up to date (marked with name and timestamp of course,
> otherwise it may get tempting to just mark it "ok" without even
> looking...).
> The idea being that we can then "force" the book to stay up to date.

This book is a great idea ! It is a first step of a fair compromise so 
that the squeakfreaks can work inside the image and do have a actual 
documentation and those who prefer a static, rendered online html 
version. There should be chapters of the main topics which describe the 
main classes and their interaction, and sections marked as tutorials, 
classdescriptions, examples or what you may also think of. That way you 
can search for specific information.

I now agree that a separate mailinglist and a swiki will eventually 
fail. But hey ... I'm young and relative seen a newbie. So please keep 
on guiding. You already started :-)

> PS. Perhaps we should simply announce a "clean up week". During that
> week we each try to pick a corner of the current image (not in packages
> since the need is highest in the base image) and pick out the broom.
> Anything helps - even simply writing a class comment or typing in a few
> TestCases. And then we end the week (last two days) by cross-reviewing
> the changes and pushing them all the way through into the update stream.
> Otherwise it will get bottlenecked at the Harvesters. Hmmm, sounds like
> fun to me!

That's another topic but not less important. Yesterday I tried to build 
a class Image with the method shrink: to remove some parts of the 3.4 
image. I only got the removal of the Worlds of Squeak and the Mouse 
running. I thought that SystemDictionary>>majorShrink was working in 
most points but it seems not to me. I got tired of searching for the 
right new methods and Classes. But with the help of all it should be 
possible to remove those parts that are at squeakmap. I'm looking 
forward to it.

By the way ... is it a goal to get standard squeak conform to ANSI or 
will this remain as a optional feature ?

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