[GOODIES] [ENH] CelesteAddressBook

Giovanni Giorgi jj at objectsroot.com
Sun Feb 9 16:36:52 UTC 2003

	An update for CelesteAddressBook (found a bug on Windows!!).

CelesteAddressBook can be used to browse your email addresses, auto
collect them and sort by frequency
Version 1.3 -- Ticket To Ride
	Reverted to DVS file format for a bug in the SAR Builder
	Fixed a nasty bug on Windows: the db now is opened and
	compacted at every collection, so
	will always work and no spammers will go in your contatacs!
	Button bar with a more rational ordering of buttons.
	Added minimal size to the window (resolved resize bug of 1.2).
	Added a nice "more info" feature on a email contact and
	 auto-load of contacts if saved.
	TODO: More rational use of CABContact.
	Try to add Minnestore Support?

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