Sun Admits Java Sucks...

David Chase chase at
Wed Feb 12 23:21:28 UTC 2003

At 09:37 AM 2/10/2003 -0800, Tom Rushworth wrote:
>>From the Slashdot commentary on that Java memo:
> InternalMemos is notorious for running hoax emails. This email is no
> exception. It includes a number of inaccuracies and curious references.

It looked reasonably legit to me, and apparently (according to
another Slashdot post) the bug numbers check out.  Friends at
Sun long ago complained about uncontrolled Javasoft cowboys ("an
ARC-free zone", where ARC = Architecture Review Committee), and
that's what the memo is really about. 

A friend of mine pointed out that this memo was probably
written by someone at around the Senior Engineer level for somewhat
higher-up consumption (but not too high, because of the high
technical content) and that it failed to have the desired
effect, so he leaked it.

David Chase

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