Re-doing Morphic ( Was: Re: Traits prototype image )

Robert Withers rwithers12 at
Mon Feb 10 14:16:06 UTC 2003

Andreas,  first, thank you for using my language.  Its 
Sud-Platt-American, but it's friendly and welcome, especially now that 
I am in New England  ( hon!  ).

So all'y'all :)  know, I agree with Andreas' comments regarding 
Morphic.  The flat nature of writing application logic in the Morphs, 
rather than having a separate model class, is a natural path 
phenomenon.  So is the form of reuse and extension seen in Morphic.

On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 07:16 AM, Andreas Raab wrote:

> eToys do exactly this. They provide an environment which is extremely
> convenient for the kids to use and boy, many a time I have wished that
> Squeak would be more like eToys. Bridging this gap, making the "system
> level" part of Squeak more like eToys is the thing that needs to be 
> done. In
> particular in the UI area since that's what most people will look at 
> and
> play with first, so it's the place where strong fences are most needed
> (present in eToys). Pretty much everything else will come naturally.

Cees has asked the right questions.  What makes eToys a cleaner 


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