[DOCS] Project "Magic Book"

shane at shaneroberts.com shane at shaneroberts.com
Mon Feb 10 19:21:46 UTC 2003

Rachael makes an important point here.  I have been a 
programmer for over 20 years and I have always "read the 
manuals", when they are available, and even though they are never 
quite correct.

We all have different cognitive strategies and learning styles, and 
for some people (like me) documentation that provides conceptual 
overviews, structural rationals, and step by step instructions, have 
always speeded my learning process.  And for me, speeding up the 
learning process is what it is all about, so I don't have to waste time 
solving puzzles that don't interest me.  Just give me the answer!!  I 
have other things I am interested in than puzzling through what 
should already be transparent or REVEALED.


On 10 Feb 2003 at 8:12, Just4Fun wrote:

> >>doing documentation is somewhat 
> considered to be a ''dummies'' job by many while at the same time in
> fact being a hard job.
> Personally, I've always thought the reason that support documentation
> for various programming languages was so poorly done was because many
> programmers tend to be talented in the 'left brain' activities while
> somewhat lacking in the 'right brain' areas. Aka. Those who are
> talented in math and science are not always talented in the verbal
> skills areas.
> Writing is a talent that should be respected too, and yes, it is every
> bit as hard to create technical or non-technical documentation as it
> is to create a programming product. 
> I'm sorry that I don't know enough Squeak to help, but at this point,
> I'm following the discussions and working on my knowledge of other
> environments. I'm not talented in programming (read that math
> challenged); I enjoy the exercise of learning. I need effective
> documentation in order to learn a language. I am the programmer's
> worst nightmare. I am the person who reads the manuals!
> Thanks for trying to do something for the sake of people like me...
> Rachel

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