The Magic Book - a design draft

Torsten.Bergmann at Torsten.Bergmann at
Tue Feb 11 18:50:29 UTC 2003

>- Projects: A very good format for "active content". I am not sure how 
>easily they are backwardscompatible though. Could anyone post some 
>insight in that matter? 

I started once with an HTML documentation - it's to static and 
far away from active content. 

What about Squeak Books: We already had an attempt to document the 
system with them. Look at 

Projects are a nice medium for documenting too. Look at next 
attempt on documenting the system ("Squeak - or how the mouse roars") gives an overview and is the 
entry point to it. 
It was done with projects and unfortunately it was easily broken with 
the next squeak version after the authoring version. The nice thing 
is that people are able to run it in a webbrowser without having 
to install squeak. 

If we want to use projects we need to write tests if they run in 
newer versions too or keep them up to date. 

>So... we already have a bunch of cool technology to implement the Magic 
>Book IMHO. We just need to knit it all together in a smart way. 

We had this technology before - but no one cared about writing 
tutorials with Squeak itself or writing tutorials with a reusable 
and common style anyway or updating them. Maybe we can change this 
with a more accessible SqueakMap and a predefined environment (StarBrowser,
...) in the future. 


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