The Magic Book - a design draft

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Tue Feb 11 20:35:41 UTC 2003

Hi all!

Quoting Torsten.Bergmann at
[SNIP of interesting references] 
> is the 
> entry point to it. 
> It was done with projects and unfortunately it was easily broken with 
> the next squeak version after the authoring version. The nice thing 
> is that people are able to run it in a webbrowser without having 
> to install squeak. 
> If we want to use projects we need to write tests if they run in 
> newer versions too or keep them up to date. 

Ah, yes - this is probably the crux of it all. Hmmm. Perhaps we can make these
"chapter" Projects more robust against change simply by getting a better grip on
our dependencies (which we are slowly going to do in SM1.1 and Squeak 3.5).

And it will be hard to write tests for these Projects - you know, the classical
problem of test exercising a UI.

But sometime we just have to start biting the problem of maintaining object
structures in the face of change instead of rebuilding them all the time. :-) Right?

Perhaps we are getting closer to that point in time.

> >So... we already have a bunch of cool technology to implement the Magic
> >Book IMHO. We just need to knit it all together in a smart way. 
> We had this technology before - but no one cared about writing 
> tutorials with Squeak itself or writing tutorials with a reusable 
> and common style anyway or updating them. Maybe we can change this 
> with a more accessible SqueakMap and a predefined environment
> (StarBrowser,
> ...) in the future. 

Yes, I think we have a few advantages today:

1. The community is larger. More people can help.
2. Large parts of Squeak have slowed down and are pretty robust.
3. We have SqueakMap and StarBrowser to base it on.
4. The community is slowly moving into a mode where people can "claim ownership"
and take personal responsibility of parts of Squeak. This is IMHO a *very*
important social mechanism that we haven't really had before. (if anyone wants
to know more what I mean by this, just ask)

> Bye 
> Torsten 

regards, Göran

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