macintosh VM file naming standards... + others.

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Wed Feb 12 06:40:24 UTC 2003

With all these macintosh VM's floating about, I need some input on  
where the macintosh
file naming standards should go. The current carbon macintosh VM  
assumes HFS+ naming standards,
not that one should give fully qualified names in Squeak, but still  
people are lazy.

The two Cocoa/unix versions which will somehow merge with the carbon  
tree, somehow, use the unix
naming conventions.

So I'm wondering if we mac os-x users migrate to unix naming  
conventions will this cause problems?

I'm also curious about how people feel Ian's VM reacts on their os-x  
boxes. The smalltalk side of the VM should have the same performance as  
the carbon version, so things like responsiveness, click feedback,  
graphics performance etc are important to understand.

Oh and when you minimize into the dock you should have all noted the  
iconic representation eh?
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