Pink Plane vs Blue Plane

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at
Wed Feb 12 09:52:14 UTC 2003

<diegogomezdeck at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Seeing the diferrent opinions (and the energy spent) in the thread "Re-
> doing Morphic" I realized of (at least) two differents points-of-view for
> the future of Squeak.
> It's exactly what Alan call "Pink vs Blue Plane"
> - some of us want a stable/well-documented/ansi-
> compatible/nativeWidgets/putYourWishHere
> - and other of us want to see the next paradigm shift
> These goals are, imho, incompatible between them.  If we want to see the
> next shift, let's forget about compatibility, stability, documentacion,
> etc.  On the other side, if we want to see a "solid" smalltalk to
> create "standard" business applications, let's forget about eToys, Croquet,
> etc.

Hi Diego 

No digression here please.
The strive for a rock solid Morphic core with add-on systems for e-Toys,
Croquet, BobsUI etc.
has nothing to do with the Pink vs Blue Pane efforts. To make the core
more stable before messing up it up again with new things is surely
beneficial. All these Refactoring / XP people say this. It is may
experience as well. The point where opinions  come in is of course if
not already enough was done in this direction. 

For myself I consider factoring out some functionality of Morph into a
superclass or even several of them a worthwile effort. (Of course usign
Nathanaels traits would be even better, but if it comes this effort will
not be in vain). 
Andreas Raab showed a nice subset of must-have morphic funtions which
could happily live in a superclass.

And even eToy people like a proper clipping logic  ....


I read that Nathanael writes 
Unfortunately, the kernel 
> > (resp. the ClassBuilder) of Squeak is broken for at least 
> half of the 
> > (inofficial) versions since Squeak 3.2, and it is also 
> broken for the 
> > latest version of Squeak 3.4 (state January 31). Thus, it 
> would not be 
> > possible to load a traits changeset into such an image even if it 
> > would exist.

He either doesn't have the time and/or specialist knowledge to fix it.
Me neither. Any takers? This is a specialists job!

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