Mythical small kernel images?

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Wed Feb 12 10:44:00 UTC 2003

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> Stef,
> > Diego what was the paper you talked about?
> The paper is "Engendrando un Smalltalk" (in spanish), you an find it at

This short paper looks really interesting. I have language problems and
content problems reading it but it is exciting.

What I get from the paper:

It starts with saying that Smalltalk is a place where objects live. Even
if you have no or little command of spanish it might be interesting to
look at it as it has some nice illustrative pictures about the cloning

Alejandro Reimondo speaks about cloning - about generating a new image
within an old one ("asexual reproduction").

MicroWorld = MicroSmalltalk + MicroVMKernel + MicroBaseClasses
MicroSmalltalk isA: MicroSystemDictionary 

MicroVMKernel = MicroVMConstants
Necessary things for the VM to work (for example: Semaphore, Process,
Point, Smalltalk etc.). 
MicroBaseClasses = The necessary classes for the MicroWorld to work.
(for example Class, CompiledMethod, Symbol, Process, Context,
SystemDictionary, etc) 

He speeks about a nuturing process which is driven by

As I understand messages are sent around in the MicroWorld and if an
object does not understand something it copies the method from the
parent image. In this case the whole thing seems to be an application of
the VMSimulator within the image. 

A question for Spanish speakers. What does 'La Red' mean?


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